Mindful Movement Summer Camp


Our Mindful Movement Summer Camp, is offered every June, July, and August for children ages 4 and up. 

Camp Hours: 830a to 430p, Monday through Thursday (Geared for ages 6 and up).

The Half Day option is offered from 830a to 1230p and strongly recommended for Ages 4 and 5.

The children of our Mindful Movement Summer Camp participate in a variety of activities daily. The focus is on art, yoga, art history, and music (pending the week). The schedule includes acrylic painting on Monday, Sketch and Pastel work on Tuesday, Watercolor via the “color wash” technique on Wednesday; and then a vote for Thursday between pointillism with acrylic paints, alcohol inks, or acrylic pour.  We focus our days to learn from each other, to work as a team through these various activities. The day commences with two hours of the chosen art medium, an hour of yoga, followed by lunch.  After lunch the children will enjoy play time with board games or coloring, followed by an 1.5hr of art history. The participants will design an art project based upon the artist and art medium they learned about that day.  On the weeks we provide music lessons, the children will enjoy a one hour music lesson and crafting activity centered around music. 

We have exciting projects for the kids to explore. For those with art experience, more challenging objectives are provided; and those younger individuals will receive the basic objectives to accomplish the task.  Each week is programmed to the experience of the attendees. We do cap our Mindful Movement Summer camp at 10 kids, to provide a more concentrated learning experience.  

Doors open 30 minutes prior.  There will be an additional charge of $20 per half hour for late pick up. 

Registration: Each person must be paid to enter. You will receive an auto-receipt in your email!

Price Per Week:  $250 per participant (Full Day); $170 per participant (Half Day)

Please pack lunch, snacks and beverages as this is not included in our price!  Painting and art supplies are included in our price. 

Yoga taught by Sarah B. Lowe and Mario Quinjano, Art Lessons by Sarah B. Lowe, Music Lessons by Sarah McDonner.  Board Games are included during breaks to encourage team work and collaboration. 

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