2021 Mindful Movement Summer Camp

LOCATION: 1809 Eldridge Parkway, Suite 210, Houston, 77077

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Our Mindful Movement Summer Camp is offered annually in June, July, and August for children age 5 and up. 

Summer Camp Hours

Full Day: 830a to 430p, Monday through Thursday

Half Day: 830a to 1230p

Doors open at 8am to check in and drop off before we begin at 830a.  


COVID-19 Procedures

As the children arrive, we will check their temperature. Please DO NOT ENTER until a teacher greets you at the door with the thermometer. Anyone with a temperature of 99.7 (or higher) will not be allowed in our studio. Masks are required of all children, all ages.

We will show the children how surgeons wash their hands. They will be required to wash their hands in this manner when they arrive, at both snack times, before and after lunch, and for the alternate art hour.

ALL children are required to clean up after themselves following each project. These duties include pick up after each art project, wiping down tables, sweeping, wiping the games they play with, etc.

With the red alert mandate still in effect for Houston businesses, we will continue to host 15 kids each week at our summer art camp. Each table will have two children to work from each day. We sanitize our studio completely at the end of each day with a combination of Melaleuca Disinfectant and Thieves Multipurpose Cleaner.



The children of our Mindful Movement Summer Camp participate in a variety of activities each day of each week. We focus our days learning from each other, to work as a team through various art projects. A look at our daily schedule:

Mondays - Acrylic Painting

Tuesdays - Sketch and Pastel

Wednesdays - Watercolor and Crafting

Thursdays - Acrylic Pour or Alcohol Inks (children's vote) 

The alternative art hour is with a local maker and offered to full day students only. The breakdown of who is attending each week is located on the individual registration pages for each month. Most alternative art hours are a one hour session, except for the ceramics class which is 1.5 hours. Alternative Art includes music lessons, ceramic making, crafting, origami, healthy eating and Ayurvedic tea making, cookie decorating, animal awareness, and paper marbling. Any changes will be shared with parents. 


Our day commences with two hours of the chosen art medium, followed by an hour of yoga, and then lunch at 12P.  Half day participants will participant in the two hour art class each morning followed by the one hour yoga session. They will leave at 1230p.  Please pack lunch, snacks and beverages as this is not included in our price. This applies to half day students as well.   Art instruction, supplies, and water are included in our price. 


After lunch we offer indoor recess through board games, puzzles, coloring, reading, etc. If the children ask for outside time, we walk the property or do yoga outside. Our afternoons begin with art history and art project. The participants will design their art based upon the artist and art medium they learned about that day. 

The Alternative Art Hour with a local artist, maker, or teacher to teach their art typically will be in the afternoons once the half day students are dismissed. While start time does vary by teacher (and their availability), most typically begin their class around 1p or 3p. 

Board Games are included during breaks to encourage teamwork and collaboration. 

We offer many exciting projects for each child to explore tailored each week to the participants attending. For those with some art experience, we will provide more challenging objectives for them to accomplish. The younger individuals will receive the basic objectives to accomplish each art project.  Each week is programmed to the experience of the attendees. This means if your child is attending our camp for 3 weeks, he/she will have three weeks of different projects to complete. Many students return each week, and each month, keeping us teachers on our toes with the curriculum. Our studio places a limit of 15 kids per week (10 kids full day students, 5 half day students) to attend our Mindful Movement Summer camp attendance toto provide a more concentrated learning experience.  


Registration: Each person must be paid to enter. You will receive an auto-receipt in your email!

Price Per Week:  $285 per participant (Full Day); $170 per participant (Half Day)

Extended Day is offered from 430-530p for an additional charge of $100 per week ($25 per day). Parents may purchase on the registration page for each month. 

There will be an additional charge of $20 per half hour for late pick up.

Policy on Refunds: Please understand we are a small local business. Your registration to this summer camp allows our business to remain open during these hard times. If you are unable to attend the week you registered for, please look at having us move your registration to another week.  If you are unable to attend another week, we are happy to offer you a private lesson (based on availability) in person or through zoom. 

Check out our teachers: 

Yoga and Art Lessons by Sarah B. Lowe, Studio Owner

Music by Sarah Perkins

Ceramics by Kaleigh Ann Art 

Ceramics by RJ Christensen 

Healthy Eating and Ayurvedic Tea Making by Neelam Damani (Roots in Harmony)

Cookie Decorating by Gabriella Breillano (Bird & Twine)

Animal Talk by 4Petsake