The Parkway Market Days at Regent Square

The Parkway Market Days at Regent Square

The last Sunday of every month from February to May 12p to 4p.

Event Days are:

February 28th

March 28th

April 25th

May 30th

Please wear a mask to protect vendors and fellow shoppers.   

Location: Allen Parkway & Dunlavy 

Link to Google Maps:,-95.4024353,201m/data=!3m1!1e3!5m1!1e3  


Open to the public and free of charge for guests, The Parkway Market Days will host a variety of artists, farmers, and makers for an all inclusive shopping event. Guests, children , and fur babies can expect some fabulous handmade quality gifts for purchase. Vendors will be set up under tents on the corner of Allen Parkway and Dunlavy.  We are a unique market, bringing the arts of all flavors and styles to the surrounding residents. Come out and support local artists, farmers, and makers.     


Each month The Art Cellar of Houston will have 50 art kits to hand out to the first 50 people who enter the event. @artcellarhouton #artishappiness #makeityourown  

Interested Vendors please email with pictures of your products, and/or services.  We look forward to working with you. 
  1. We are seeking 20 vendors for this outdoor market.
  2. Vendor Fee is $40.
  3. The booth space is 10x10 at the The Parkway Market Days. You are responsible to bring your own table, tent, walls to feature your work, and chairs to this market. 
  4. We require vendors take payments themselves via credit card reader (i.e. Square). There is no electricity, nor wifi on this property. 
  5. Food Vendors MUST provide all applicable insurance documents, licenses and City of Houston permits to sell at our market.
  6. All vendors MUST have a minimum of 10-pound weights on each leg of your tent (40 LB total). This is a safety issue. Please comply.

Texas Sales Tax is the responsibility of each vendor.  Please have your Sales Tax documents on hand the day of the market, in the event of surprise inspection.

We will post this event on social media (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to advertise through ART IS AN Outdoor Market, and the Art Cellar of Houston.  Thank you for sending three (3) high resolution images of your products and (1) booth set up.  Poor quality photos will NOT be posted.

Please remember to follow @artcellarhouston's Facebook page and our “Event Page”. This will help you stay up to date on activities and news. It is where we will advertise you as a vendor.  You are welcome to post your own products on our event page. We appreciate your help promoting the event.  Please share the event on your social media pages as often as you can.

Please EMAIL or PHONE: 832.596.7983 with any questions. 

Hosted By:

The Art Cellar of Houston

1809 Eldridge Parkway,#210, Houston, TX 77077