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Alcohol Inks Painting Kit Art Cellar Houston

The Art Cellar of Houston

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Alcohol Inks Painting Kit

Our Alcohol Inks Painting Kit is the best thing to happen to the art world. Alcohol Inks is a highly pigmented ink mixed with an isopropyl alcohol base. This is the perfect gift for the artist in your life searching for something new to learn. Try this user-friendly medium in your home. 100% amateur painting fun!

- 1 canvas bag

- Two 6x6 Ceramic Tiles

- 4 containers of alcohol ink paint (Color Options: Primary, Secondary, or Surprise Me)

- 1 Can Compressed Air

- One container of Alcohol Blending Solution

- One container of 91% Isopropyl Alcohol  

- 8 cotton balls & Q-Tips   

- One pair of gloves

NOTE: Art instruction for this medium is not available with the purchase of this bag. You will need to contact or 832.596.7983 to set up a private session or book a public class for a separate charge.