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Art Cellar Houston, Private Art Lessons, Acrylic Pour

The Art Cellar of Houston

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 Art Cellar Houston Private Art Lessons

We are honored to guide you in this private art lesson for individuals seeking an in-depth art experience acrylic pour. This 2-hour class offers step-by-step instructions guiding you to create two artistic masterpieces on 8x10 canvases. 

Acrylic Pour "The Science Experiment"

The acrylic pour class is what we call "The Science Experiment", combining acrylic paint, pouring medium, and liquids that evaporate once they blend with acrylic paint (H2O or Isopropyl Alcohol). Once they evaporate the results leave behind some pretty cool cells and creatures.  

Art supplies and instructions are provided with each lesson. Art Lessons taught by Sarah B. Lowe

Price Per person for one 2-hour drop-in session: $120 Pre-registration required.

The Art Cellar of Houston

1809 Eldridge Parkway,#210, Houston, TX 77077