Mindful Movement Houston Summer Camp, August 2020

$ 100.00

Mindful Movement Houston Summer Camp August 2020

This summer camp in Houston features step-by-step instruction to help children create different pieces of artwork through the month of August. This link is to reserve your child's space in our August program.  
Our camp is Monday through Thursdays from 830a to 430p (full day), with breaks are every 45 minutes.  Half-day is 830-1230p

Price Per Week (830a-430p):  $265 per child

Half Day Option (830a-1230p):  $170 per child

After Hour Care is 430-530p, Monday through Thursday. 

Price Per Day (430p-530p):  $25 per participant; Total Price per week $100 per participant. 

Please pack lunch, snacks, and beverages as this is not included in our price!  Art instruction, supplies, and water are included in our price. 

Registration: Each person must be paid to enter. You will receive an auto-receipt in your email!

Refunds: If the week you signed up your child is within 10 days we can offer you a credit for four (4) private zoom lesson(s), and five (5) art bags. Outside of 10 days, we will issue a refund. 

Yoga and Art Lessons are taught by Sarah B. Lowe, Studio Owner

Doors open 30 minutes prior.  There will be an additional charge of $20 per half hour for late pickup.

The children of our Mindful Movement Summer Camp participate in a variety of activities daily each week starting with a 2-hour art class, yoga, then lunch. After lunch and board games, the children will have a one-hour session with a local artist or maker, followed by a two-hour art history lesson and project. A look at our daily schedule:

Mondays - Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Tuesdays - Sketch and Pastel
Wednesdays - Watercolors & Alcohol Inks
Thursdays - Acrylic Pour

The alternative art hour with a local maker or group is as follows: 

Week 1: August 3rd through 6th 
Kaleigh Anne Ceramics

This week's summer camp includes a one-hour session of ceramics making and artwork with Ms. Kaleigh Anne. She will be guiding the children through the process of hand-built pottery, using pinch and coil methods. After the pot is completed and has dried some overnight they will use a technique called under glazing. Under glazing is a clay-based stain used much like watercolor or acrylic. We will keep the ceramics to dry for two weeks, and fire them with a clear gloss overglaze. You will be notified by email when they are ready for pick up at our studios.

Week 2: August 10th through 13th

Monday 1p - 4Petsake and their fun-loving animals

Tuesday 1230p - Roots in Harmony ayurvedic tea blending

Wednesday 1p - Bird + Twine cookie decorating & fondant animal making

Thursday 1p Art Cellar Houston will guide the children through painting a scene or object on a puzzle 

Week 3: August 17th through 20th
Alternative Art Hour to be advised

Week 4: August 24th through 27th
Alternative Art Hour to be advised

Half-day participants will have a two hour Art Session every morning followed by one hour of yoga.

Board Games are included during breaks to encourage teamwork and collaboration. 

We focus our days learning from each other, to work as a team through these various artistic projects. Our day commences with two hours of the chosen art medium, an hour of yoga, followed by lunch.  After lunch the children will enjoy playtime with board games or coloring, followed by a 2hr art history learning and project. The participants will design an art project based upon the artist and art medium they learned about that day.  

We offer many exciting projects for each child to explore tailored each week to the participants attending. Those with art experience will be given more challenging objectives; and those younger individuals will receive the basic objectives to accomplish each artistic task.  Each week is programmed to the experience of the attendees. We cap our Mindful Movement Summer camp at 20 kids in the morning, and 10 kids in the afternoon (each week), to provide a more concentrated learning experience.  

Age: 5 and up

Refunds:  If your sign up date is within 10 days we can offer you a credit for private zoom lessons or sessions. Outside of 10 days we will issue a refund. 

1460 Eldridge Parkway,#120, Houston, TX 77077