Mindful Movement Houston Summer Camp, July 2019

$ 250.00

Mindful Movement Houston Summer Camp

July 2019

This summer camp in Houston features step-by-step instruction to help children create different pieces of artwork through the summer months of June, July and August.  This page is to reserve space in our July summer camp.    

The Mindful Movement Camp will be Monday through Thursdays from 830a to 430p, with breaks are every 45 minutes. Half day camp offered from 830a-1230p 

Our kids summer camp includes:
Acrylic painting
Sketch basics, Pastel color creations, Highlight and shading 
Collage Work
Yoga (1 hour daily)
Music Lesson (1 hour) offered week 1 and 3 only
Board Games

We have finalized negotiations with various artists around Houston as follows for June, July, and August:

Week 1 and 3 will offer yoga, art, art history, and music lessons Monday through Thursday from 830a to 430p. Half Day sessions will receive Yoga and basic art instruction only. 
Week 2 and 4 will offer yoga, art, art history, and the following:
TWRC Wildlife will bring their animals for show & tell. They will speak to the children on animal rehabilitation and conservation.

Roots in Harmony will have a show and tell for the children about eating healthy, tea blending and ayurvedic teas. The children will learn how to make their own Ayurvedic tea blends.
Madewell Mercantile will show the children how to make their own wax melts with essential oils
Bird & Twine will teach kids artistic creations cookies with royal icing.
Half day participants will only have Yoga and Art only. They will not be a part of the above activities.

Age: 5 and up are welcome to attend our camp

Please pack lunch, snacks and beverages as this is not included in our price!  Painting supplies will be provided at our studio. 

Yoga and Art Lessons taught by Sarah B. Lowe, Music Lessons by Sarah McDonner.  Board Games are taught during breaks to encourage teamwork and collaboration. 

Please arrive early to sign in.  There will be a charge of $20 per half hour for late pick up. 

Registration: Each person must be paid to enter. You will receive an auto-receipt in your email!

Price Per Week (830a-430p):  $250 per participant
Half Day Option (830a-1230p):  $170 per participant
1460 Eldridge Parkway,#120, Houston, TX 77077