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Private Children's Art Lessons, 2021 Year

The Art Cellar of Houston

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Private Children's Art Lessons

2021 Year

This private children's art lesson is for children ages 4 and up seeking an in-depth art experience revolving around art history and various forms of art. This class features 10-15 minutes of art history on a different artist each lesson booked. We will then provide a 1.5 hour step-by-step instructions to create their own masterpieces based on that artist's technique.  The following art mediums are offered for this private lesson. We take breaks as needed based upon each registered person.

Sketching Basics
We will uncover the basics of sketch creating two drawings reflecting highlights and shading. The first part of the class will consist of four warm-up sketches inspiring the children to explore their creative juices. The second drawing will be wrapped around the artist we learn this week.  We will focus on highlighting and shading each drawing with pencils and charcoal.
We will teach the essentials of how to color with Pastels. This includes color blocking, layering, and using highlights to blend.
Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Acrylic painting on canvas will explore the primary colors, blending to create secondary and tertiary colors, drawing with a paintbrush, and creating dimension with colors.
Alcohol Inks on tiles
Alcohol inks are an acid-free, highly pigmented, and fast-drying medium to be used on non-porous surfaces.  We paint on ceramic tiles of various sizes, coffee cups, tea plates, and Yupo Paper, using cotton balls, Q-tips, and other household items to create our own unique designs.
Watercolor Basics
We will explore the color wash technique, and practice layering light, medium, and dark colors to create dimension.
Sculpture making with Paper Mache Part 1
In this fun class, we show children how to build a sculpture with household products to create dimension. Design and layering are a part of this session. 
Sculpture making with Paper Mache Part 2
In this second edition of our sculpture building class, we show children how to paint their sculptures in detail or in abstract form. 
Acrylic Pour "The Science Experiment"
The acrylic pour class is what we call "The Science Experiment", combining acrylic paint, pouring medium, and liquids that evaporate once they blend with acrylic paint (H2O or Isopropyl Alcohol). Once they evaporate the results leave behind some pretty cool cells and creatures.  
Snacks and beverages are not included in our price.  
Art supplies and instructions are provided with this purchase. 

Art Lessons taught by Sarah B. Lowe

Price Per child:

One 2-hour drop in session: $120 per child 

Two 2-hour drop in sessions: $220 per child 

Three 2-hour drop in sessions: $320 per child

Four 2-hour drop in sessions: $420 per child 

Pre-registration required for each student. You will receive an auto-receipt in your email!

The Art Cellar of Houston

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