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Roots In Harmony, Dandy Detox Tea

The Art Cellar of Houston

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Dandy Detox Tea

A rich, botanical blend to supplement your wellness journey. Dandelion promotes kidney and liver health, supporting the body’s ability to flush toxins. As natural diuretics, peppermint and nettle help reduce excess water retention while coriander maintains a healthy urinary system. Rooibos and honeybush are loaded with antioxidants to boost immunity, and cumin soothes the digestive process. Best after a meal or before bedtime.

Pour 8oz boiling water over teabag and steep for 10 minutes. Relax and enjoy nature's infusion. 

Ingredients: Organic roasted dandelion root, organic rooibos, hand-roasted coriander, organic nettle leaf, hand-roasted cumin, organic honeybush, organic peppermint  

Weight: 1.17 oz, 15 teabags