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Roots In Harmony, Golden Milk

The Art Cellar of Houston

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Golden Milk 

Radiant yellow blend to promote anti-inflammatory response, boost immunity, and improve digestion. Turmeric soothes inflammation and sore muscles, cinnamon and ginger stimulate blood circulation, cardamom maintains healthy blood pressure, and flax seeds provide an excellent source of plant-based protein. Black pepper supports healthy metabolism and cognitive functions.

A soothing drink mixed with milk, and go-to remedy for colds, aching joints or inflammation.

Blend, froth or stir 1 teaspoon in 8 oz hot milk of your choice. Also enjoy in coffee, smoothies, oatmeal or cereal.

Ingredients: Organic flax seeds, turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger

Weight: 2.8 oz, 30 servings