Vendor Booth Fee for ART IS AN Outdoor Market

$ 80.00

The Vendor Booth Fee is for 10x10 Space at the ART IS AN Outdoor Market on Saturday, September 29, 2018, hosted by The Art Cellar of Houston, Guerra Studios,  Hospitality USA and Watson's House of Ales.  

Join us Saturday, September 29th from 11a to 6p for an afternoon of shopping through a European styled art market.  We are excited to welcome artists of various styles including painters, florists, coffee vendors, sew-istas, leatherwork, vintage clothing and jewelry dealers, sculptors, woodworkers, print makers, leather makers, metal workers, quilters, candle makers, soap makers, apothecaries, and those talented individuals selling handmade products, or artwork.

Location: Grisby Square, Watson's House of Ales, 14656 Grisby Road, Houston, TX 77079

Time: 11a to 6p

To ensure we serve you to the best of our abilities, please read through these simple steps.

A completed online application, payment, and signed forms MUST ALL be submitted, to be considered as a vendor for ART IS AN Outdoor Market. An incomplete application will cause delay in processing. Your booth will not be assigned a number until your application is processed, and payment is received. No post- dated checks will be accepted.

  1. Please  complete the online application and read through our “ART IS AN Outdoor Market” Guidelines. Fill out your application completely, so we may contact you by phone & email. It is important to include a detailed description listing ALL of your products. A new application MUST BE submitted each time you make a payment (each market).
  2. Email four (4) pictures of your products; along with the completed, signed Vendor Release and signed Vendor Guidelines. These documents MUST be signed and dated by you or a representative of your company.
  3. The Vendor Booth Fee is $65 (before July 31st), after August 1st the fee is $75, and $85 after September 1st.  Any applications received after September 15th are subject to a $100 entry fee. The booth space is 10x10 at ART IS AN Outdoor Market (Grisby Square). Vendors will be responsible to provide their own table, tent, and chairs. Payment is made online, and must be received after your application is approved. We do not accept cash, nor post dated checks. We do not keep credit card information on file. Your application will be rejected if your payment is not received.
  4. Applications are processed upon receipt.  You will receive a confirmation by email once approved, including the payment link. Please allow 48 hours for us to review your application and respond. There are no refunds due to vendor cancellation, inclement weather, rain dates or carry over dates once payment has been processed.
  5. Food Vendors MUST provide all applicable insurance documents, licenses and City of Houston permits to sell at our market.
  6. All vendors MUST have 10 pound weights on each leg of your tent (40 LB total). This is a safety issue. Please comply.

Texas Sales Tax is the responsibility of each vendor.  Please have your Sales Tax documents on hand the day of the market, in the event of surprise inspection.

Upon receipt of your application, payment, signed documents and photographs, we will post your business on social media (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to advertise you through “ART IS AN Outdoor Market”, and the Art Cellar of Houston.  Thank you for sending three (3) high resolution images of your products and (1) booth set up.  Poor quality photos will NOT be posted. 

Please remember to RSVP to our Facebook page through this link:, and also our “Event Page” (once created). This will help you stay up to date on activities and news. It is where we will advertise you as a vendor.  We appreciate your help with promotion of this event.  Please share the event on your social media pages as often as you can.

We require Vendors to bring their own tables, tablecloths, tents, chairs, and take payments themselves (via credit card reader, i.e. Square). However, if you do not have a table or tent, we team up with the Boyscouts of America to rent tables at $15 per table, and tents are $25 per tent.  Please know your payment will support the Boyscouts of America. Tables and tents are limited, and available on a first come, first served basis. To reserve, please email your tent and tables request to

The week of the event we will send an event map showing your booth space location. Load-In begins at 8am on Saturday September 29th, and ends at 10a.  When you arrive, your space will be marked with your booth number. If you can not locate your spot, look for volunteers or the Art Cellar of Houston booth. Please arrive no later than 10 am on Saturday morning. The event begins at 11:00am and spectators tend to arrive around 930am.

Finally, please include a copy of your business liability insurance, listing the following business as Additional Insured specific to this “ART IS AN Outdoor Market”:    The Art Cellar of Houston, LLC, 1460 Eldridge Parkway Suite 120, Houston, Texas 77077

Please EMAIL: or PHONE: 832.596.7983 with any questions.

Event Coordinator: Sarah B. Lowe