Alcohol Inks at The Art Cellar of Houston

Alcohol inks are an acid-free, highly pigmented and fast drying medium with an isopropyl alcohol base to be used on various surfaces. The inks are used to create vibrantly colored flowers, an abstract painting, or a creative landscape.


Classes offered in this medium can be painted on ceramic tiles and other ceramic surfaces (plates, mugs, etc), wine glasses, glass frames, candle votives, Yupo paper, silk scarves or handkerchiefs, and leather.  You choose the surface option for your event. We provide all art supplies and instruction for this course.  

We offer this class for ages 7 and up. The base is Isopropyl Alcohol which can cause light headed or dizziness for some participants.  If you or your child have an aversion to smells, we require you wear a mask during this class. 
Alcohol Inks was brought to our studio by the amazingly talented Andrea Patton. Andrea ( who began as a mural artist more than 25 years ago.  She learned about alcohol inks while living in Alaska and shared this fabulous medium with our studio in 2016.

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